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Laurence Clark's recent BBC1 documentary, We Won't Drop The Baby , was watched by over 1.5 million people. With regular TV and radio appearances comedian, presenter and comedy writer Laurence Clark has also topped Shortlist magazine’s Britain's Ten Funniest New Comedians.

Laurence boasts 21 4-star reviews and 5 5-star reviews and has a wealth of press accolades from his live shows including “makes Chris Morris look lightweight. Dangerously funny." The Scotsman

Laurence has presented an authored feature on BBC1's Newsnight, and appears on a number of TV and radio shows on all the major channels, as a comedian, actor, talking head and social commentator.

His highly acclaimed live shows include Spastic Fantastic, which received great accolades, as, through charm and great comedy writing, live performance and VT, Laurence shows us amazing insight into the world through his eyes. The All-Star Charity Show won critical acclaim and was Critics' Choice in The Times. In The Jim Davidson Guide to Equality, Laurence responded to Jim Davidson - who cancelled a show because wheelchair users were in his audience - by doing a comedy show which he vowed to cancel if Jim turned up in his audience. The showJim Fixed It for Me shows Laurence coming to terms with having appeared on Jim’ll Fix It as a child but never getting his Jim’ll Fix It badge. And in 12% Evil he tracks the many famous villains portrayed as disabled in order to make them seem sinister and evil- Richard III, Long John Silver, Captain Hook, Dr Strangelove, various Bond baddies and of course… Heather Mills-McCartney!

Laurence Clark's most recent show, Health Hazard enjoyed an 18 date tour.

Laurence is hugely in demand for his corporate work and performs internationally including the US and Australia.

"slickly woven... cracking one-liners... Laurence Clark is firing on all cylinders **** ", Metro - Aug-2012
"Purpose of comedy: a)make you laugh b)teach you something about the world c)inspire:@Laurence_Clark only ticks 2 boxes", Alan Clifford - Aug-2012
"Uproariously funny social commentary from this exceptional comic. Engaging and honest; an undeniable talent ****", - Aug-2012
"Laurence Clark is governed by his infectious sense of humour, not his cerebral palsy... devilish one-liners **** ", Three Weeks - Aug-2012
"****", Time Out - Apr-2012
"Natural wit", Daily Express - Apr-2012
"Darkly funny", Daily Telegraph - Mar-2012
"a natural comedian... intelligent and extremely mischievous... wonderfully original, and his unplanned responses to the after show Q&A were just as funny as his rehearsed set", Daily Record - Nov-2011
"Health Hazard is funny and full of attitude ", Chortle - Jul-2011
"An all round great show ****", Scotsgay - Jul-2011
"a laugh a minute...Seriously funny *****", Culture Vulture - Jul-2011
"Clark’s natural wit soon has the whole room in stitches ****", 3weeks - Jul-2011
"Close to the bone and very funny... makes Chris Morris look lightweight. Dangerously funny", The Scotsman - Aug-2008
"Laurence is a quick-witted and sharp comedian - grab a ticket for his great show which will have you well and truly rolling with laughter", Broadway Baby - Aug-2008
"Remarkably funny... self-depreciating yet self-assured... a damn fine comedian", Fest - Aug-2008
"Clark has got some great material here - it's intelligent and incredibly mischievous. 'I would rather make people laugh than raise awareness,' admits this likeable prankster, and he certainly does that with aplomb", Metro - Jul-2008
"He is nothing short of an excellent comedian, and anyone who hates David Cameron and Heather Mills as much as he does gets my thumbs up!", Three Weeks - Jul-2008
"Tremendously cheeky... a genuine pleasure to spend time with... a bloody great hour of comedy ****", National student - Jul-2008
"Exposes stupidity and ignorance to devastating effect ****", The List - Jul-2008
"intelligent and challenging... always a thought-provoking point behind the laughter ****", Chortle - Jul-2008
"At the end of a Laurence Clark performance, apart from being a bit tired from laughing, one has come to understand some of the travails of his world - and one has become very fond of the man himself *****", Adelaide Advertiser - Jul-2008
"Laugh? I nearly fell out of my chair... a wonderfully warped wit that's definitely worth a hour of your time ****", Broadway Baby - Jul-2008
"Clark has really hit his stride this year with a show that is genuinely laugh-out-loud funny. I cannot think of another comic here who provokes so much thought and so much laughter at one and the same time ****", Kate Copstick, The Scotsman - Jul-2007
"Any vaguely sentient being ought to leave this stupendously funny and thought-provoking show with their sides split and their minds buzzing. Laurence Clark has a wit drier than the Navajo desert, a control of timing that would put Seiko to shame and scores upon scores of fizzingly funny one-liners Must See.", The Stage - Jul-2007
"Very, very funny... slicker than Brylcreem *****", National Student - Jul-2006
" brilliant observational comedian... I would not only recommend this show but urge everyone to go out and buy a ticket immediately *****", Edinburgh Guide - Jul-2006
"His dry, cutting wit and astute social observations are hilariously accurate...****", Three Weeks - Jul-2006
"...irreverent, pertinent and that rarest of things - a humorous hour that leaves you looking at the world in a different light", Bruce Dessau, Evening Standard
We Won't Drop The Baby, 2012 - 2012, BBC1, dedicated hour documentary winning it's slot with 1.5million viewers
The Heaven and Earth Show, BBC 1
The London Programme - 12 Cons of Christmas, ITV1
The Shooting Party, Channel 4, walk on part
I’m With Stupid, BBC 3
Newsnight, BBC 2 , feature presenter
Embarassing Bodies, C4, Featured as a stand up with CPC4's highest rating show
Are You Having A Laugh?, BBC1, talking head
Should We Be Laughing?, Radio 4, script advisor
BBC Ouch website, BBC Ouch website, regular writing column
BBC Ouch website, BBC Ouch Podcast , guest
Should We Be Laughing?, Radio 4, contributor
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