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Simon King utterly changes a room when he hits the stage. With lightning quick delivery and deeply intelligent material, he’s like nothing else in the stand up world. An extremely prolific workhorse performer with many years and thousands of shows to his credit Simon is equally at home in a packed theatre, a rowdy bar or even a formal corporate event. With thought provoking, edgy material that is never crass or blue Simon brings a hilarious and fresh style to the stage.

Being the kind of comic that comes along maybe once in a generation gets you noticed. His career is littered with critical and commercial successes including numerous television, radio and festival appearances and even praise from some of the biggest names in comedy. Once you’ve had a chance to see him perform you’ll surely agree that Simon King is nothing short of a force of nature.

"Wicked f***ing funny!", Doug Stanhope
" Having seen Simon perform many times I have been incredibly impressed with his unique talent. From everything I have seen Simon is truly a gifted comedian", Robin Williams
UNFAMOUS, Full length album, Uproar Entertainment (LA)
Winnipeg Comedy Festival Gala Show, 2014, stand up, CBC
Winnipeg Comedy Festival Gala Show, 2012, stand up, CBC
Just For Laughs, stand up, All Access, CTV, Comedy Central, Comedy Network
The Club Soda series, CBC
Hour Special - Comedy Now, Solo Show, Comedy Network, CTV, CBC
UNFAMOUS, regular airplay , numerous independent comedy stations throughout North America
UNFAMOUS, regular airplay , Sirius/XM satellite radio
UNFAMOUS, regular airplay , Pandora radio
Winnipeg Comedy Festival Gala Show, 2014
Winnipeg Comedy Festival Gala Show, 2012
Seattle International Comedy Competition
Edmonton Comedy Festival
Moncton Comedy Festival
Vancouver International Comedy Festival
Just For Laughs Festival
HBO, TBS Comedy Festival in Las Vegas
Breakout performances at the prestigious HBO U.S. Comedy Arts Festival, Aspen
San Francisco International Comedy Competition
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