Who Runs Beyond Compere

Director, Delphine Manley, started working in comedy in in Leicester, where she ran comedy clubs booking the likes of Jo Brand, Frank Skinner, Jack Dee, Sean Hughes and Donna McPhail. Following the success of these clubs, Delphine set up Big Fish Comedy which grew to be the biggest chain of comedy clubs in London booking Graham Norton, Lee Mack, Harry Hill and many others who have gone on to become nationally and internationally known.

Subsequently, Delphine set up Beyond Compere managing the work of Stephen K Amos who was at the time the resident compere of all Big Fish Comedy Clubs. Later that year, Delphine won the contract to run the Leicester Comedy Festival which she did for 3 years along side Beyond Compere, running the annual festival and working with sponsors from the commercial sector, promoters, agents, the arts and public sectors and community groups at all levels.

Working alongside Delphine is Jackie Thornton and Anna Short

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